The Rinkhals or Ring-necked-Spitting Cobra is a type of spitting cobra that lives in (Southern Africa).They are not a true cobra because they give birth to live young unlike most cobras.
Rinkhals Spitting Cobra


The Rinkhals uses its' venom to take down prey and defend it against its' enemies. Its' main prey is toads but it will also eat rats and other small mammals too if its' main prey are scarce. If the cobra smelled prey very close it strikes at it injecting a nerve-destroying-poison into the victim shutting down the systems of the victim's body, killing it within minutes.It will also use it to defend itself from foes that may try to kill and eat it. Its first line of defense is expanding its' hood to make it look more bigger than it is but if that doesn't work it will raise it's body and spit out venom from their fangs. They spit their venom at their foes to blind them so the snake has a chance to retreat.Left untreated it can cause blindness for the rest of the your life. People need to leave them alone to avoid being bitten by them.


Their diet is mainly toads but they will eat other small mammals, amphibians, and other reptiles.

Humans and SnakesEdit

Farmers need to learn to coexist with this snake because they play a part in the food chain that helps all life.

They play their part by eating our worst natural enemies the rats and mice.They should be given respect because of the work they do.I also think humans and snakes can live as one but we need to stop thinking snakes are evil monsters because that's not true.

We need to save snakes not kill them because they are great for the earth because every life plays a role,even humans.

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